Production of juices

Malyn Factory LLC – Leader of the Food Industry!

For the production of jams, we select the highest quality products that are carefully fray and packed in long-term packaging.

Only quality ingredients are added to the muesli, energy bars and snacks, which gives an instant burst of energy, vitality and a surge of new energy. So the berries, fruits and nuts we produce contain the necessary supply of vitamins and minerals, essential vitamins and minerals for human body.

Dried vegetables and mushrooms are indispensable ingredients in our daily pastry of our daily pastry, so we use only carefully grown and harvested vegetables in our fields, as well as mushrooms harvested in ecological areas.

For You – As For Yourself!

Any confectionery: doughs, creams and fillers with natural dyes and flavors, and only useful ingredients for human health.

Biologically active substances (BARs), foods with low doses and the optimal amount of nutrients to ensure healthy and vigorous functioning of the human body – all in the form of berry-powder, which can be stored and used for a long time without any problems.

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