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In our partnership policy, we are guided by the principles of a win-win strategy, so that both parties benefit from the interaction. We make available our production facilities and equipment for the individual or joint production of goods, and we are ready to produce products on your material and technical basis.

We provide a turnkey solution in the berry business, closing the full production cycle. Therefore, it is enough for you to grow the products, and then we will help you to export them, or make a product for placement on the shelves of the markets.

Modern equipment, experience and united work of the team allow producing goods of the highest quality that can meet the needs of the most demanding customer. We guarantee the safety of our products and their compliance with national and international quality standards.

We are always open to mutually beneficial cooperation with other companies, ready to implement joint projects and develop together with you!

Production and sale of fresh and conversed, including frozen, berry, fruit and vegetable products are the basis of our activity!

Ukrainian Fresh&Frozen Products

We provide services in the freezing of berries, fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms. Freezing your products makes us even more responsible for the process because the success of our partners is our success.

Ukrainian Fresh&Frozen Products

We grow only modern types that are specially designed for the consumer with a harmonious balance of taste, aroma and sophisticated forms according to the international quality standards!

Ukrainian Fresh&Frozen Products

Berries Production

Fruit Production

Vegetables Production

Fresh Products

Frozen Products

Final Production

“Malin Factory” LLC activity

Grown and prepared berries, fruits, and vegetables after careful harvesting go to the factory where end up cleaned, washed, sorted and set under the instant influence of the low negative temperatures (-37 ° C) for prolonged exposure.

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Export of products, documentary support of cargo, incl. LTL freight, logistics and expedition services. Many years of experience in the transportation of fresh and frozen products in Ukraine and the EU.

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